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Blog Post: Chickens—Your Garden's Best Friend and Garden Stack's Newest Ally

Hello Garden Stack Community!

We're always on the lookout for innovative, sustainable approaches to gardening. Today, we want to introduce you to a fascinating article by Phoebe, a sustainability-focused writer and gardener. Phoebe explores a unique angle on pest management: using chickens!

In her article, "Creating the Perfect Chicken-Friendly Garden: 11 Top Tips", Phoebe talks about how chickens can serve as nature's bug vacuum cleaners. They help manage pests ranging from ticks to grasshoppers, all while enriching your garden soil.

Garden Stack caught Phoebe's eye as a way to grow chicken-friendly plants like greens, grains, and berries in the environment of free-range chickens. This not only sustains your feathered friends but also aligns perfectly with our ethos of creating a holistic, eco-friendly ecosystem in your backyard.

We highly recommend checking out the article and considering how you might invite some feathered friends into your Garden Stack-powered garden. Share your thoughts with us; we're eager to hear your experiences.

Happy gardening, and perhaps, happy chicken-raising!

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