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Questions & Feedback
Garden Stack

Your Own Vertical Farm, Applying Olla Irrigation Technology


Question from Marta: Is Garden Stack environmentally friendly? Answer: This is a subject central to Garden Stack's ethos. We all know that buying local food is better for the environment. But, when you think about it, even food products sold as "local" generate emissions. For example, by transporting food to the point of sale. Or, by generating demand for packaging, which must typically be manufactured far away and then transported to the seller. There is nothing more local than producing your own food at home, wholly eliminating the need for agricultural emissions (e.g. pesticides), transportation and packaging. The more we can get people into the habit of producing food at home, the better. This is why we believe Garden Stack holds such promise. Given how good home food production is for the environment, our top concern is for Garden Stack to be designed to be as durable as possible. This way, we will maximise the positive environmental impact that will follow each polluting package shipment. This is why durability is key to making this project a net benefit for the environment. Besides this, Garden Stack keeps the following three criteria in mind: - Components and packaging should be biodegradable - Components and packaging should be made from recycled materials - Components and packaging should be fully recycleable Garden Stack will aim for each of its parts and packaging to meet at least two and ideally all three of these criteria as soon as possible. Our ethos for the Kickstarter campaign is to underpromise and overdeliver. So our official short-term objective will be to meet a minimum of one of the above three criteria from the get-go when fulfilling our orders. Given the potential we believe Garden Stack holds for home food production, our top priority is to get the ball rolling by delivering on a successful campaign. Last but not least, there is the tremendous water efficiency of our "olla irrigation"-inspired technology. Garden Stack's water-efficiency is unmatched in vertical farming. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Question from Daniel: When will the Kickstarter launch, and when could I expect to receive my Garden Stack? Answer: The Kickstarter campaign is expected to launch in early April and to last 30 days. Our mantra for the campaign is to under-promise and over-deliver, so we have set a 6-month delivery window. Worldwide shipping options will be available. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Question from Miles: How does delivery work? Answer: Worldwide delivery is available. Garden Stack will match your delivery costs with discount codes for future purchases. You could use these discounts to purchase additional devices. Alternatively, we have plenty of accessories in the pipeline. For example, a balloon-shaped bonus reservoir for extra water when you're away on holidays. This reservoir would replace the lid and work kind of like those upside-down bottles you find on office water coolers. By matching your delivery costs, we'll both be incentivised to find the best possible shipping solution. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Question from Eduard: How much will Garden Stack cost? Answer: The exclusive "Early Bird" offer available for Kickstarter backers will include a minimum 50% discount. This discount is based on our Expected Retail Price. The idea is that early backers get their devices at cost price in exchange for their support. Even larger discounts will be available if you purchase a bundle with two or more Garden Stacks included. Prices are varied. Our budget "Garden Stack Mini" will cost only 74 EUR (approx. 80 USD or 65 GBP). The full-blown Garden Stack device will cost between 99 EUR and 149 EUR depending on which offers you are on time for. All Kickstarter backers will receive limited edition Garden Stack units. Subtle branding will indicate that you have a limited edition Kickstarter unit. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Question from David: How durable is Garden Stack? Answer: Garden Stack is highly durable. It's much tougher than a terracotta plant pot. Still, it's not invincible. If you treat Garden Stack with the same care you would treat terracotta, you won't run into any problems. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Question from Matthew: Is Garden Stack a good system for vertical farming? Answer: Garden Stack's olla irrigation technology is ideally suited to vertical farming. Alternatives such as hydroponics hav received a lot of hype, but the disadvantages ae clear. Check out our blog for more info. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Question from Nico: How does olla irrigation work? Answer: Garden Stack applies ancient olla irrigation technology to vertical farming. You can read more about this on our blog. Just click the green button, below. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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