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Garden Stack: Join Our Startup


Garden Stack is a burgeoning startup with a workshop full of 3D printers. Our vision is to revolutionise the way people grow produce from home. Check out our home page and general website for more info.

As a bootstrapped company, we currently retain 100% equity ownership, offering a unique opportunity for early-stage partners and employees to share in our success.


We're based in the Smart Cooperative's LaVallée centrally located workspace, with access to both a workshop and office space. We're looking for people excited about 3D printing and/ or computer-assisted design, with a passion for innovation and a desire to make a significant impact on our company's growth. Skills in business, foreign languages or materials science are a plus.


By registering through the Smart Cooperative, you can maintain your social security rights while engaging in a variety of projects. In periods without active projects, you'll be classified as an unemployed worker under Belgian social security, ensuring the preservation of your full social security rights and benefits. Your contributions to Garden Stack's revenues will be compensated based on a negotiated percentage. This structure provides a safety net during slower growth periods, as you'll retain and receive your social security benefits. Conversely, during periods of high growth, you stand to reap substantial rewards.


As a key contributor to Garden Stack, you would receive a negotiated percentage of the revenues raised. As a key founder, you may in future eventually negotiate equity in Garden Stack Ltd, including its intellectual and material property.


In the early phase, independently-minded applicants wishing to develop their own 3D print projects could negotiate a rental agreement for access to the workshop space, plus access to a percentage of the 3D printers. However, the primary, long-term objective must be to develop and grow Garden Stack Ltd and any offshoot projects it might develop.


This is a unique opportunity to be part of an innovative startup. If your work assists in growing the company, you'll reap the rewards.


Interested? Contact Daniel at daniel (at) garden-stack (dot) com to discuss this exciting opportunity further.

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