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Pay $14 deposit & get 77% OFF


🌱 Studies show that getting into the habit of growing food from home saves money and the environment 💸

📝 We've written about this on our blog. Check it out!

🌍 Worldwide shipping and we'll match any fees

Garden Stack applies traditional olla irrigation to a modern vertical farm. There's nothing else like it. Secure a never-to-be-repeated discount on the future of home gardening now.


Each deposit applies to 1 Garden Stack. We'll offer up to 12 Garden Stacks on our Kickstarter page, at increasing discounts. That's why you can adjust to order quantity here. No Kickstarter discounts will come close to this never-to-be-repeated 77% OFF offer.

Garden Stack 77% OFF Deposit

$29.00 Regular Price
$14.00Sale Price
  • Pay $14 to guarantee an exclusive 77% OFF after Launch Day (approx. £11, or €13)

    Pay £66 per Garden Stack, instead of the regular Kickstarter price of £149, or the regular retail price of £299

    (approx. $82 instead of $186, orr $373; or €75 instead of €170, or €341)

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